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Hamban at WordHamban Mhone

‘Hamban’ is 27 years old and is a single man. He is of the Chitonga tribe and lives with his brother and grandmother.

Hamban was born at Nkhata Bay. He comes from a family who live on the Malawi lakeshore and are fishermen and farmers growing maize and cassava.

Hamban is a self employed, freelance artist. He has been painting since he was 13 years old. He likes painting on any material, but paints a lot on canvas with acrylic paints. He likes painting images of his childhood days, of fishermen and of scenes of the lake where he grew up. He also likes to paint scenes of happy musical life of village people. He is also interested in getting to know other African tribes, cultures and paint their images.

He craves good quality materials and the finance to enable him to maintain his skills and passion for painting instead of having to try to find other household or industrial jobs to make a living.

Hamban's Work

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