Shipping from Malawi
We have debated at length the fairest shipping costs, asking questions like....................
how can we ensure that secure shipping, postage and packing is adequately covered?.....        
how can we ensure a fair deal for the customers, the artists and the children?.................        how can we ensure customers receive their paintings in the best possible condition?......           how can we ensure Friends of Sick Children in Malawi receives a fair donation resulting from sale of these paintings?.. etc., etc.,...........
.......and as a result we have set what we believe to be a fair level of charges based on the following:-

Each Painting costs approximately £10.00 to 'ship' from Malawi to the UK and this is included in the listed price.

Postage and packaging for one painting costs approximately £4.00 to a UK address and obviously more for Europe or Worldwide

Therefore, we have decided to use the following system:

A maximum of 2 paintings will be shipped per cardboard tube at a UK shipping rate of £4.00
NB: Three or more paintings purchased will be calculated based on shipping no more than two paintings in a tube. If you require more than 11 paintings, please contact us.
Shipping Rate for Malawi Art
Number of paintings
UK Shipping Cost
please contact us
Europe Shipping Rate
has a surcharge of £6.00

Worldwide Shipping Rate
has a surcharge of £10.00

please choose shipping
destination at checkout

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